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Charlotte Brontë Visits New York City

Charlotte Brontë's day dress. Photo credit: Graham Haber, The Morgan Library & Museum, Brontë Parsonage Museum The NY Times reports on a fantastic new Brontë show opening today at the Morgan Library, "Charlotte Brontë: An Independent Will." It includes the wool and cotton dress above, totally amazing miniature manuscripts she used to write and illustrate, and the manuscript to Jane Eyre itself, one of literature's greatest treasures. The museum is also being loaned the famous portrait of Charlotte, Emily and Anne, painted by their brother Branwell.   A must-see show. I bet it will be a sensation among the general public as well as those who "option u" before typing the "e." It is open through January 2, 2017.  Do we...

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Live to Read, Read to Live

A recent piece in the NY Times reports that people who read books live longer, even when other factors are taken into account. Reading just a half an hour a day has real longevity benefits, according to the study.  Well, you're exercising your brain, I suppose. And some books are as heavy to lift as dumbbells.  Unfortunately the study doesn't identify which authors are the healthiest to read. If I had to guess, I would predict literary geniuses Jane Austen and Hilary Mantel are at the top of the shelf. 

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Vatican Library's "Secret" Treasures

Neat BBC article about "secret" libraries in various locations, including Egypt, Syria and the Vatican.  The Vatican Secret Archives holds treasures including: "correspondence between the Vatican and figures such as Mozart, Erasmus, Charlemagne, Voltaire and Adolf Hitler, there is King Henry VIII’s request to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon... The archives also contain Pope Leo X’s 1521 decree excommunicating Martin Luther, a handwritten transcript of the trial against Galileo for heresy and a letter from Michelangelo complaining he hadn’t been paid for work on the Sistine Chapel." It's not really secret, but it is private, open to scholars only. And it's protected by the Swiss Guards.  While in Rome, I recommend you visit here instead. It is a dream...

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