A Block in Maine, Chockablock With Bookstores

LiteraryLocations.com illustrator Isabella Bannerman and I were recently staying in Bath. What a beautiful city, right on the Kennebec River. It is a city that makes ships and has for centuries. It still looks prosperous, and has preserved its beautiful Front Street, which has bookstores bumping into one another. I counted four, and there's another one around the corner on Centre Street. This is a very good sign. There is also a huge public library, the Patton, another very good sign. 

Open Door Books. 178 Front Street. How are you going to resist this place? You aren't. 

The Library Bookstore. 194 Front Street, right across the street from the Patton. And actually part of the Patton, I believe.

The Mustard Seed Bookstore. 74 Front Street. With tea, coffee and comfy chairs. I'm in. 

Then there's The Bath Book Shop at 96 Front Street, which opened in 1999 and has had visitors from all over the world.  

And Paperback Trader can be found nearby at 27 Centre Street. 

Unfortunately, all these stores were closed on the Labor Day weekend Sunday we were there, so we can't report in more detail. But the window shopping was excellent.

However, Dot's Ice Cream Shop was open, and worth getting in your car right now and driving to, however many hundreds of miles you need to go. 160 Front Street.

Between the books and boats and ice cream, Bath, you are quite the town.

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