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Emily Dickinson Stops for Science

Interesting article in JSTOR Daily by Matthew Wills about new scholarship revealing how Dickinson was engaged with the scientific and philosophical issues of her time. And she was even willing to change her thinking on many of them, including evolution. You can order our removable Emily Dickinson sticker, perfectly sized for laptops, phones, and carriages, here. It's $2.95, and the shipping's on us.

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CNN's Kate Maltby: the Ghost Stories and Corpse Candles of Hilary Mantel

Wow, what an article by CNN and Guardian critic Kate Maltby on The Mirror & the Light and other work's by Hilary Mantel. About the Cromwell books, Maltby argues "Read all three together, and you realize we have been reading ghost stories all along." She makes a convincing case. For Mantel admirers, it's fascinating reading.

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So Now Get Up (to page 757)

Excited to get my new copy of The Mirror & the Light by literary genius Hilary Mantel this morning at Barnes & Noble. Unless Mantel pulls a Tarantino on us, I think we know how it ends. But of course that's not what matters. My copy is 757 pages long, beautifully printed and designed, and the pages have slightly deckled edges. Can't wait to get behind Thomas Cromwell's eyeballs again.

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